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Start out by clearly explaining what your service involves. Use the questions What? How? Where? Why? Who? When? to make sure you cover the important details.

You could also mention here the advantages of your service, why it’s better than the competition, why they need your service, and the benefits to them that will come from using your service.


Here you can describe the different types of services that you offer, as well as any available options. It is usually to use lists like this:


Pricing is always one of the main things that visitors want to know about, so be as informative as you can.

Pricing can be tricky, however, because often you don’t want to be too specific with pricing details before you have a chance to get more details from the customer. However, it’s important to give visitors some idea of what your prices are.

Can you offer some pricing options, or price ranges? You could mention that your service ‘starts at $xx’, you could offer a discount, a free estimate, or at least mention a guarantee.

Ready to Get Started?

Finally, you should conclude with a clear call to action. Do you want visitors to contact you? Fill out a form? Let them know clearly how to get started.

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